The Fight of Your Life

God told Abraham to gather his family and leave Sodom because he was going to destroy the land and the people in it. His son-in-laws did not believe him. Therefore, they stayed behind. God gave specific instructions for them to leave quickly and not look back. Sarah, Abrahams wife, looked back. As a result, she was turned into a pillar of salt.

In our lives today God will give us specific instructions to save us. Some of us don’t believe what has been spoken. God has specifically told us not to be involved with a specific person, stop watching porn, stop abusing that person, stop gambling, stop using drugs, and don’t look back!

With great intentions we say we are going to listen to God and stop. Then one day we decide I’m going to do it one more time. It’s not going to hurt anybody. I will pray and ask God for forgiveness. He will forgive me. People don’t understand. It’s easier said than done.

While God is a just and forgiving God, it hurts him every time we are disobedient. That thing, person, or situation we may have been praying for could be right there waiting for God to release that blessing after we pass the test of temptation and obedience.

Be strong because you are stronger than you think. Temptation will come because the enemy knows the greatness inside of you. He want you to fail. God is stronger than any addiction. We got This! I say “WE” because I, myself, am a recovering addict. ❤



I am an addict in more ways than one. Then chance of recovery is slim to none. My addiction is a roller coaster ride that’s sometimes fun. It sends me up so high. I feel like I can touch the sky. My heart feels such a rush. My heart feels as if it will burst. I can’t catch my breath. The breeze flows across my face cool and calming. I could stay in this place. My smile is so large, it could stretch to Mars. Help, is this good? Is this bad? Am I dreaming?

Suddenly, there’s shaking and rattling. The roller coaster has gone too far. It’s malfunctioning. What is causing this malfunction? I gasp for breath as the roller coaster takes me from the heavens to what feels like hell on earth. I feel the burn as I drop, painfully down.

How could I allow this ride to take me so high, yet drop me down so low? How could I put myself in this predicament? What was I thinking? How could I be so dumb? I don’t know if I am more afraid or angry. What I do know is I am never riding this ride again! I’m done with roller coasters. I’m a queen. I will be treated as such. Why would I allow a roller coaster to give me mixed emotions?

Eyes full of tears, I tell myself I’m finally done. I can’t take it anymore. I’m not crazy. *Sniffs*

Is that his cologne I smell? Maybe if I’m a little calmer it won’t be so bad. Maybe I’m exaggerating? So many thoughts, what should I do?

I’m going to ride one more time. He’s my drug. I’m addicted.

How to make a Fall wreath

There are several kinds of wreaths that can be made for almost all occasions. If you’re new to making wreaths you want to start out simple.  Therefore I will teach you how to make a basic, Fall wreath in a few simple steps.

1. Gather material

A. Plain wreath

B. Leaves

C. Glue gun

D. Scissors

2. Make sure you are in a kid free zone. You will be using hot glue and scissors.  It can be dangerous for children.

IMG_20151114_171929 3. Cut the plastic stems off all the leaves.

4. After cutting the stems off the leaves, position the leaves on the wreath how you would like.

5. Use the glue gun to keep the leaves in place.

6. Do this until the wreath is full.


7. Depending on the material your wreath should look somewhat like this. I hope this helped. God bless!

5 Ways to ace an interview


Finally you have received that phone call for a job you have been waiting for. It felt like forever, huh! Just waiting on that call back can be nerve wrecking. Now your mind is racing wondering if you will get the job. The best way to feel a bit more confident about your interview is to prepare. How in the world do you prepare? Well here’s 5 simple steps to help prepare and ace an interview.

1. Update your resume

Many jobs require sending a resume upon applying for a position. Though you may have already sent your resume in always have a copy for reference purposes or if the employer ” mistakenly misplaced” your original resume. Your resume should be relevant to the position you are trying to obtain. For example: You have applied for Shakes Warehouse. All warehouse positions you have worked should be listed on your resume. Your resume speaks your ability to perform the position applied for.

2. Research the company

 Because I once was a hiring manager, I can almost guarantee during the interview the question will be asked, “What do you know about the company?” Try to know at least 3 things about the company that an average person doesn’t know. This shows the employer you are actually interested in the company and they are not just on the list of jobs applied for.

3. Wardrobe 

Now we all have our own distinctive way we like to dress. There is nothing wrong with being different. Be sure your wardrobe is interview ready. Ladies blouses should not show any cleavage nor should it be sheer. Excessive jewelry is not appropriate. Stud earrings are appropriate. You don’t need to be blinged out. Skirts and dresses should be knee length. Sounds like a lot? Well there’s a professional dress code almost everywhere.

Gentlemen I haven’t forgotten about you. Pants are to be worn on your waist. If you have belt loops, put on a belt. A nice button down or Polo style shirt will be appropriate. Let’s remember the first physical appearance speaks louder than words spoken during the interview.

4. Practice Interview

Have a friend or family member act as the employer. Practicing ahead of time helps to build confidence. When first greeted by the employer always shake his or her hand. Whether the employer extends his or her hand. Be sure to extend yours. Only sit when offered to take a seat by the employer. Once seated be sure to not slouch. Sit upright. Eye contact at all times. Answer questions with confidence.

5. A few last pointers: 

Be on time! I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on time. Some employers will not interview you if you are late. Being on time is being seated in the waiting room 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. Do realize even the receptionist is watching. Do not talk or text on the phone while waiting to be interviewed. Usually at the end of the interview the employer will ask if you have any questions. Always have at least 3 questions to ask the employer. Questions should not have anything to do with pay or benefits. After the interview send a thank you card to the employer whether or not you receive the job.

Now you’re on your way to acing your interview. I believe it and so should you. Claim your victory!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Good morning,

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. There are many people both men and women who are in domestic relationships. Statistics states 1 in 4 females has experienced domestic violence with either their spouse or boyfriend. I was once a victim of domestic violence which is why I fully support this cause. We all should come together to spread the knowledge about domestic violence. Many people are losing their lives because of domestic violence. Let’s work together to stop domestic violence. Share stories if you have been in a domestic relationship. You never know how your story may impact someone else life.