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How to make a Fall wreath

There are several kinds of wreaths that can be made for almost all occasions. If you’re new to making wreaths you want to start out simple.  Therefore I will teach you how to make a basic, Fall wreath in a few simple steps.

1. Gather material

A. Plain wreath

B. Leaves

C. Glue gun

D. Scissors

2. Make sure you are in a kid free zone. You will be using hot glue and scissors.  It can be dangerous for children.

IMG_20151114_171929 3. Cut the plastic stems off all the leaves.

4. After cutting the stems off the leaves, position the leaves on the wreath how you would like.

5. Use the glue gun to keep the leaves in place.

6. Do this until the wreath is full.


7. Depending on the material your wreath should look somewhat like this. I hope this helped. God bless!