What’s Your Next Move

The Way My Mind Thinks

1620533_1376377752633430_632902512_n Are you dreaming of owning your own business, publishing a book, becoming a lawyer, doctor, professional athlete,etc? We all have some kind of dream that we want to become a reality. Some of us are afraid to make a move. We are afraid of the endless possibilities. Success is like a game of checkers you are on one side of the board and your success is on the other side. You know what you want, but you are stagnant because you do not know which move to make to get there. Your success is not going to fall from the sky.You have to make a move and the time is now. You decide I’m going to make a slight move forward and see what happens. You make a move. It’s nothing major just something to get the game started. So you make a few more moves.You begin to open your…

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