All About Me!!!

11048653_10207056140380791_7460186002030679963_nWelcome to The Way My Mind Think. My name is April and I am an aspiring blogger and journalist. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed writing. I would randomly write as my form of entertainment. I wasn’t the typical child who loved to go outside and play. I would sit in the living room where I read and wrote stories while watching my sisters and cousins play outside. I know it sounds rather weird that a child didn’t like going outside to play, but that was me.

During school any writing assignment I aced. When taking standardized writing tests, I always excelled. Writing has always been one of my passions. I honestly believe if I would have continued writing daily as I became older I would have become successful a long time ago.

Which brings me to what this page is all about. Some people, myself included, needed constant motivation. We need someone to help encourage us, motivate us, and let us know that our dreams can and will come true. This blog will do just that. It’s to help you see that not giving up on your dream and pushing forward will help make you successful. I want to help inspire you. Help to realize that you can become successful no matter what odds are against you.

While you follow my blogs, you will see that success is a mind thing. Which is why I picked the title,             “ The Way My Mind Think.” What do your mind think of your success?


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